The Öhman Group

Welcome to the Öhman Group!

How do you build a company that remains stable? You start by laying a proper foundation; a set of values. Öhman is a family-owned company that have a history for over 100 years. A company that builds its business on long-term relationships. The family tradition lives on, and today the third generation of Dinkelspiels is active in the Öhman Group.

Fair values since 1906

As a family business, we understand the importance of progress. Ever since 1906 we have continually explored new investment opportunities. Always with a focus on being one step ahead, but without sacrificing control and quality. Always in an international arena, but close at hand for our clients. This philosophy means that we today have a large network of successful clients who rely on our expertise.

Öhman is a family owned, independent financial group. Bankirfirman E. Öhman J:or, the Öhman group’s parent company was founded in 1906 by Emric Öhman. In 1934 Max Dinkelspiel was offered to take over the firm and it has been run by the Dinkelspiel family since then.

Today Tom Dinkelspiel is Chairman of the Board and Johan Malm is Managing Director of the Group, managing SEK 90 billion via it’s operating subsidiarie Öhman Fonder in Sweden. The Group also consists of a core stake in Nordnet, which is the Group’s largest financial commitment, along with a number of other investments.

Öhman is one of the few companies in the industry that has been family-owned across the generations, something that assures stability and responsibility.