Öhman always strives to work to improve our products and services.

An important component of this work is to take the complaints of dissatisfied clients very seriously. Öhman has a specific policy that addresses this, stressing the importance of actively listening to a dissatisfied client and quickly and objectively investigating the matter. If Öhman feels unable to uphold a complaint, the client has the right to receive a written response with Öhman’s justification.

Who to contact

Contact the Complaints Officer at Öhman Bank and describe what you think went wrong. The Complaints Officer at Öhman Bank is Zekiye Bel Möller

Complaints about Öhman Bank should be sent to:

Complaints Officer
Öhman Bank
Box 583
L-2019 Luxembourg


Zekiye Bel Möller

Head of Legal and Compliance, Öhman Bank

+352 26 73 73 33