Everything has a beginning

Early last century, in 1906 to be precise, Emric Öhman (1863 – 1934) founded Bankirfirman E. Öhman J:or. The company became a member of the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1911 and began trading stocks. When World War I raged around Sweden’s borders, work proceeded at home on building up the firm.

Max Dinkelspiel takes over

Max Dinkelspiel (1898-1988).

In 1930, Max Dinkelspiel was recruited by the firm. When Emric Öhman passed away four years later, Max was the obvious choice for CEO. Max worked at the firm for 50 years, as CEO until 1969 and then as chairman of the board until 1980. Max’s international expertise came in very useful during this historically transformative period. Max Dinkelspiel’s sons, Ulf Dinkelspiel (1939-2017) and Claes Dinkelspiel, began working at the firm during the 1950s and 1960s. Ulf, however, soon moved to a diplomatic career with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, while Claes took over as CEO from Max Dinkelspiel in 1969.

Family tradition lives on

The family tradition lives on, and today the third generation of Dinkelspiels is active in the Öhman Group.