Asset Management

Choosing the right assets at the right time

Let us help you with what’s crucial to achieving a good return, namely the choice of the right assets at the right time. One of the most important decisions in asset management is the allocation between equities and fixed-income securities. This is about investing in a manner that provides the best return relative to the risk you are prepared to adopt.

Some things are priceless, such as expertise

Asset management outcomes don’t depend on the ideas of one single individual, but on a number of specialists who contribute their knowledge to the overall result.

The idea behind this teamwork is that you should benefit from our best investment picks. You are engaging all of Öhman’s collective expertise, and we believe that teamwork generates better results.

Öhman is a responsible investor and advocates high levels of environmental and social standards and good ethics in the companies in which we invest.

What is your role with Öhman?

The most important thing for us is client satisfaction. Our employees work together towards the same goal, to always deliver the best for each individual client.

Private individuals

When our clients meet us, they are not just a number but are individuals. It goes without saying that we always recommend what's best for you and for your wealth.


Because we are family owned, it is particularly important to us that we assist other owner-managed companies with financial planning and asset management.

Institutional investors

It is crucial to our shared success that we correctly evaluate what is happening in the markets. Your value growth is our motivation.