Equities management

Focused and structured asset managers

We are an active asset manager, which means that our objective is to annually outperform the market’s average growth. This outperformance is the added value that we offer to you in the long term. Achieving this objective is a difficult task that requires skill, experience and discipline.


Asset management outcomes don’t depend on the ideas of one single individual, but on a number of specialists who contribute their knowledge to the overall result. The idea behind this teamwork is that you should benefit from our best investment picks. You are engaging all of Öhman’s collective expertise, and we believe that teamwork generates better results.

Our building blocks

In order to achieve good asset management outcomes, we have a number of building blocks that form the foundation of our management. These building blocks are our backbone, which we call our investment strategy.

Risk management

We invest a great deal of time in risk management, in the form of monitoring, control and calculations of various measurements of risk, in order to ensure that the investor´s portfolio always complies with the agreed investment policy and risk level.