Fixed-income management

Focused and structured asset managers

This means that within fixed-income management we have specialised in Nordic fixed-income securities. Securities across the entire scale of risk, ranging from treasury bills to corporate bonds, both as funds or as individual securities. We are also an active asset manager, which means that our objective is to annually outperform the market’s average growth. This outperformance is the added value that we offer to you in the long term. Achieving this objective is a difficult task that requires skill, experience and discipline.


The fixed-income market has become increasingly global in nature, which has increased the importance of comprehensive global analysis. Conference calls, personal meetings and information in writing from our international partners are important components of our information processes. Our local partners and our investment committee ensure that we utilise relevant national data. The high quality of the information we receive is of great importance to the management outcomes. This means that we place a high priority on updating and maintaining the information sources we use.


Information forms the foundation of our fixed-income analysis. This analysis is based on economic relationships in a global perspective, which is then broken down to the local level. The managers who work with fixed income take part in this analysis.

Portfolio construction

We construct the investor´s portfolio by applying an internal ranking system, in which we rate a number of different variables that we deem relevant. The choice of duration risk, the credit risk and exposure to the yield curve are central to the composition of the portfolio.

Risk management

It is paramount that the portfolio remains within the risk range that we agree with you. In order to ensure that this is the case, we have a risk management function that regularly reviews portfolio content and checks this against current investment rules.