E. Öhman J:or Fonder AB

The company E. Öhman J:or Fonder AB (“Öhman Fonder”) is part of the Öhman Group. It conducts operations within fund management,  discretionary portfolio management, investment advice and through external expertise, legal advice.

Jamal Abida Norling, vd Öhman Fonder

Jamal Abida Norling, Managing Director Öhman Fonder

Fund management

The fund business comprises the management, sale and redemption of units in UCITS funds as well as related administration.

The range of funds includes equity funds, fixed-income funds and funds of funds.

The management is conducted within the framework of the fund rules for each UCITS fund and applicable laws and regulations.

Discretionary portfolio management

Öhman Fonder provides discretionary management of securities portfolios within the discretionary portfolio management area of business. Öhman Fonder also conducts discretionary portfolio management for other fund management companies and foreign collective investment undertakings. The discretionary management operations manage assets in accordance with established management agreements and related investment rules that are unique to each client. A portfolio manager is appointed for the management assignment, responsible for the commitments agreed in the contract between the parties.

Investment advice

Within investment advisory services, Öhman Fonder provides individually tailored advice and management services in consultation with the client. Investment advice is recommended for those clients who wish to actively manage their assets, but at the same time wish to have access to professional investment advice and who demand high levels of service. The service is developed continuously, in dialogue with the personal asset manager.

Legal advice

Öhman Fonder collaborates with external specialists in tax and family law. By planning and structuring a client’s tax and family law situation, external specialists are able to work with the client to create an optimal structure for the management of client assets. The client is also offered assistance in setting up the necessary legal documents.