Fair Values Since 1906

Öhman Fonder is a responsible and independent fund manager. Our work is characterized by a high level of commitment and a great respect for our customers' capital. The Öhman Group has existed for more than one hundred years, sustainable investments are a natural part of our business.

The Öhman Group

Asset Management

Let us help you with what's crucial to achieving a good return, namely the choice of the right assets at the right time. One of the most important decisions in asset management is the allocation between equities and fixed-income securities.

Mutual Funds

We offer active funds with a high degree of specialisation, focusing on equities, fixed-income and corporate bonds.

The Öhman Group

Öhman is a family owned, independent financial group. Bankirfirman E. Öhman J:or, the Öhman group’s parent company was founded in 1906 by Emric Öhman.